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Help With Programming Keyless Entry

12-24-2007, 10:38 PM
I know this has been done to death, but I'm really having problems getting my new keyless entry devices working.

For Christmas I got two keyless entry remotes for my new-used 2003 Pontiac Montana. (It didn't come with the originals) Shortly after unwrapping them, I ran outside to follow the programming guide which came with the remotes.

Perform the following steps in order to program the transmitter:

1. Remove the ignition key from the ignition lock cylinder.

*** Ok

2. Remove the BCM PRGRM fuse from the fuse panel.

***Ok... Checked the manual(also the diagram on the fuse panel cover) and pulled the right fuse

3. Close all of the doors.

*** Were all the doors supposed to be open??? The passenger door was open to remove the fuse... After removing the fuse, I would close the passenger door walk around the car to the driverside door, open it, then sit down and close the door.

4. Close the liftgate.

*** Does this also need to be opened before removing the fuse? Should this be the last door closed?

5. Turn the ignition lock cylinder to ACC.

*** Ok... 2 Beeps

6. Turn the ignition lock cylinder to OFF, and then back to ACC within 1 second.

*** Ok. no beeps... just quiet.

7. Open and close any vehicle door. A chime will be heard when the system enters the BCM programming/diagnostic mode.

*** ??? I hear one beep when I open the driverside door, and one beep when I close it.

After 7 seconds, a chime may be heard confirming successful synchronization. It is necessary to wait approximately 14 seconds for a second chime that will confirm successful programming.

8. Press and hold the transmitter LOCK and UNLOCK buttons simultaneously for 14 seconds.

*** Ok...21...22...23... Nothing happens...

9. N/A
10. N/A
11. N/A

I'm using a Delphi 9364556-4575 keyless remote; which I read on another thread that this remote should work for my car. I've tried both remotes, and numerous combinations, but I still can't get the darn things to work. If you have any ideas I'll be forever grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


12-24-2007, 11:39 PM
These are the remotes I bought for mine,

DELPHI 9364556-4575 or 10335582-88 are the exact same remote

So if you have the dual sliders then you have the correct remote.

Do it this way, close all the doors, open passenger side, pull the fuse, get in the passanger seat close the door and do your thing.

I think other than that you are doing everything correctly and mine did the same thing after 20 seconds still nothing, I did this a few times with the 2 new ones and the original one. You have to remeber you must program all remotes at this time, if you need to do a second or a third remote do them now. If you in the future have to do another remote, you will need all remotes as once you enter program mode it forgets all remotes.

Also if you ever need another key for the unit, look on ebay, thats where I got my remotes and 2 new keys, the place I used would not ship to canada so I had them shipped to a buddys in buffalo and drove over to get them. $25 shipped for 2 keys. If its the canadain van then toss the paperwork that comes with the key or keys and read the manual that cam with the van. I posted info here on it and hoped someone would make it a sticky as it is totally differant the the americam way.

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