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ULTIMATE CRUISE! (Exotic ar Cruise) Austin, TX. Sat, Jan 25th

01-15-2003, 10:16 AM
Hey all! I just wanted to post this in case any folks on the Viper Forum were from the Austin, Texas area. I think the cruise is getting a little full but there are going to be about 5 or more Vipers (and an 03' model) I figured, What the heck? I'll invite more! The cruise consist of Exotic and Custom Cars (unlike most cruises). It's like a mobile Exotic Car Show. This is growing a little faster than I expected and may one day turn into a cross Texas / maybe even cross Country thing(I hope not, lol!) I started the "ULTIMATE CRUISE" in November of last year and had such an incredible response to do another one so here it is! Below is a copy of the email sent out:


Please respond so I can get you on the ULTIMATE CRUISE list and update you on future events.

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!!!!!! I am scheduling the 2nd ULTIMATE CRUISE for Saturday, January 25th. I will be filming the cruise again and everyone will get a FREE fully edited video with music, fades and all the good stuff to make the video one to keep. We will meet in the Northcross Mall parking lot (Anderson Lane), right in front of HOOTERS and see all of our SWEETHEARTS from the last cruise. ....hubba
hubba.....they sure do like our cars... Meet at there at 11:00am so we can leave at around 11:30am to get some food and show off the cars. We can eat at Carlos and Charlies again but if anyone has any other recomendations I am deffinately up for suggestions. We had a BLAST and a safe time on the first cruise so I hope you can make this one. If you have friends with Custom or Exotic cars who may want to join us, let me know and maybe we can get them to cruise with us.

Please don't feel pressured to do anything crazy or wild with your car. Some folks enjoy that kind of stuff and some folks don't. BUT.... If you want to see your car getting a little wild and smokin some tires, you will have it all on video for your (and ours) enjoyment to watch over and over. The main thing is to be safe. It looks like we will have a few more Exotics on this cruise, I hope we can get a few more Custom cars and Hot Rods as well. Please reply to this email and let me know if you can make it. Feel free to email me any time or give me a call if you would like. I will keep uptading all of you until the day aproaches. ALSO, we will end up at the NEW Go-Kart track in Round Rock, next to the new HOOTERS(more friendly Ladies) for a car show and a little racing to see who the TOP DOG is! Email me at and c.c. me at . Thanks and I hope to see you there!!!

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