Body Specs

12-24-2002, 05:21 AM
Could someone help me with some body specs for an 89 Countach. I know that most of the countach's are around 2000mm max width, but what I need is the width of the body itself . Or even the thickness of the rear wheel flares at the widest part of the car. I also need a spec from the bottom of the door jam to the top of the roof. Any help would be appreciated. There are none of these cars here for me to get these specs from.

12-24-2002, 03:07 PM
the thickness of the rear wheel flares are like 1/2 inch!

12-26-2002, 09:11 PM
Sorry, I didn't word my question correctly. I need to know how far out from the body the flares sick out, ie 50mm, 60mm or 75mm etc.
So if the overall width is 2000mm, then I can take away the width of the two rear flares (say 75 mm each for example) to get the body width spec of 1850mm. This may seem a trivial exercise but it's very important for what I'm doing.

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