A bit on the 156 GTA

12-22-2002, 09:05 PM
From what I have seen of 156 GTA's in service bays and the showroom- the 3.2 V6 has used the 3.0V6 from the 166 and GTV/Spider and as I have found out that it is indeed true- the changes being- the crankshaft and pistons were indeed changed increasing the cylinder capacity and the stroke increased by about 6mm.

The Suspension is completley new and was developed in conjunction with Fiay's research center. as well as larger anti-roll bars and most obviously- lower ride hieght.

Another thing that is noticeable about the GTA over the 166 3.0 is that the Engine management has been re-written and the cooling system is larger- as well as rather different exhaust note (Which is beautiful btw)

Also new is the 6 speed manual and 6-speed Selespeeds which were devloped to cope with the wonderful 3.2V6.

Drawbacks? FRONT WHEEL DRIVE :cry:

Here are some basic specs-
Engine- 60 deg All-Alloy 24V V6 Transverse mounted DOHC engine 3.2Litres
Power- 250 hp/184 Kw@6200 rpm
Torque 300nm@ 4800 rpm
Top speed- 250 Km/h
0-100Km/h- 6.3 seconds

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