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Missed My Chance.........

12-19-2002, 11:04 AM
i saw a beautiful GTS this morning on the way to work. unfortunatly, my Z is getting a intake gasket in the shop so i was driving the '84 AKA "blazin Buick".

it was like a smoked black color, not that dark, with silver racing stripes. it was gorgeous. it was a younger guy with a girl in the car.

anyway, im sure if i had been in the camaro i could have provoked a little somthing:D

oh well, theres always next-.....nah, scratch that. ive seen like two vipers in my entire life. there prolly wont be a next time.

if anyone knows this car, let me know. i live in VA just outside of richmond. the discription of the car is above and the plates said I LOVE CHEERS with the word love actually being a pic of a heart.

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