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1989 240 speedometer & odometer not working.

12-09-2007, 07:01 AM
I purchased my first volvo two weeks ago. Yesterday, I drove my volvo to a friends house to perform some maintenance. I have a 1989 Volvo 240 DL. My odometer has not worked since I bought the car but my speedometer did. After my friend and I removed the cluster and replaced the gear that is common to have teeth broken off, we started the car and the odometer still did not work. My speedometer does not work now. The speedometer arm was fluctuating all over. It would go to zero, then fully peg to the top end and bounce everywhere in between. So I went to a salvage yard today and purchased another complete cluster. I put in the new gear from my other cluster and assembled.

The speedometer in this new cluster will not do anything and the odometer does not work. I now have a check engine light that is on when the car is started and running. This check engine light does not come on when I just turn the key and all the idiot lights come on, only after the car is started. Do I not have the new 25 tooth gear put in correctly? What would cause my speedometer to fail after replacing the 25 tooth gear? The whole cluster is electronic, even the speedometer. There is not a speedometer or odometer cable like in some cars.

What do I do? I'm very frustrated. Can anyone give me ideas about what to do? Thank you very much.

12-18-2007, 07:53 PM
The first thing would be to ensure you have replaced the wires to the back of the speedometer. Besides the larger connectors for the cluster, there is one small one for the speedometer/odometer, having about 3 wires to it. On our 88 240 there are also two other connectors that are single wires. I dont know what they do, but I made sure they got back onto their connectors.

01-02-2008, 08:05 AM
I removed my throttle body from my car yesterday and cleaned it up. (It needed it.) I put it back on and started the car. It idled smoother than before cleaning this throttle body. I went back out 2 hours later to start the car and it would not start. I went back a half hour later and the same result. I pulled a spark plug and it was wet & smelt like gas was getting to the spark plugs. I then had a friend start the car as I held the spark plug wire coming from the primary coil next to pieces of metal on the car to see if there was an arch. No arch from wire. I just gave it a tune up two weeks ago. My wife is taking the spark plug wire going from the primary coil to the center of the distributor cap & the primary coil to AutoZone to see if they can test the primary coil. Any other ideas? Thanks.

01-02-2008, 11:09 AM
For the speedometer, it sounds like you need to get an entire speedo unit (or even a used cluster) from one of the ebay sellers. At least one of them is in the business of selling speedometers that he has reconditioned himself.
For the lack of spark: You probably need to get a manual and try to figure out which ignition system you have whether it has a diagnostic connector. Around the 88/89 time frame Volvo changed to a more sophisticated ignition control system called the EZ-116K. The spark timing is controlled by an external control unit, which gets signals from the Fuel system controller, a knock sensor, and other sensors. There is an electronic goody called a 'power stage' that fires the ignition coil. This system has a diagnostic capability, with a small box under the hood for the purpose. Ours is a 1988 240, which still has the earlier type system, not the EZ-116K.

There should be a VECI label on the drivers side strut tower, telling you which motor you have. I suppose yours would have the B230F engine.
I have the Haynes manual, which doesnt have as much detail about the electronics as I like. I think the Chilton's manual would not be much different. There is a thicker manual published by Bentley that is supposed to be better. You can usually find such manuals for sale on ebay. I know that Volvo also sold manuals, but they are harder to find now and cost the most. My personal opinion; if you are going to own an old Volvo, you will be much happier having a manual and being familiar with it.

01-08-2008, 09:27 AM
I replaced the Crank Sensor last night and the car started right away. Thank you to each person who posted suggestions to this thread. I also was able to buy another speedometer/clock cluster and replaced the plastic 15 tooth gear and now the odometer works. Thanks again. :)

05-07-2009, 03:14 AM
about the speedometer. Check the connector on the rearaxel.

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