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Anyone Have Haynes Manual for '85 E150?

12-04-2007, 10:56 PM
I know this is a long shot, but I have a friend who bought a 1985 Ford E150 van for her mobile dog grooming business. She doesn't know anything about cars, and doesn't really have much money left over to pay a mechanic if anything goes wrong. I know how to work on most small cars and some pickups, but I have never had to work on something like this. I am looking for the Haynes manual, and I didn't know if any of the distinguished AF members happened to have a copy of said manual that they wouldn't mind PMing/emailing me. And if anyone has any suggestions/things to look for I am all ears. Thanks in advance!

08-18-2009, 01:42 AM
Although I don't have the manual you are looking for, if you try a site called ABEBOOKS.COM they might have it at a reduced price as opposed to the auto stores. I bought all of my textbooks from here and they carry Haynes and Chilton Manuels.
Hope this helps

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