Trading in a car that has been in an accident

12-02-2007, 04:43 PM
I checked my vin number on carfax to see if any accidents came up... None reported. The police report they gave me is titled "Non-reportable Crash", probably because no one else was involved... (Deer, guardrail, no airbags deployed... Driver side front and rear fender/bumper damaged...) Anyways the car has 5700 dollars worth of damage done to it... Car is getting repaired by a very good shop covered by insurance... If I trade it in and they ask me if it has been in an accident, is it illegal to lie to them? Should I just lie to them?

I want to trade it in for something cheaper, and better on gas... It is a 2006 V8 mustang, I am looking at getting an 05-up altima, or an 04-up accord...

Thanks for any advice...

Ray paulsen
12-03-2007, 07:44 AM
1 ) With damage being covered by insurance it will show up on history with such as carfax and auto check, its not processed over night, give it time.
2 ) you may as well be up front and disclose damage for several reasons,
A... By the time you trade vehicle the accident report will more than likely have been processed and will show up in history reports.
B... A good used car manager checking your trade will know what to look for and will know its been in an accident without you having to tell, so you may as well be up front.
C... Some dealers will have you initial the appraisal form and one of the questions for sure is " have vehicle ever been in an accident " if you lie on the appraisal form your playing with fire, i did take a buyers once to court over this type issue and won hands down " for once " I say for once because usually its the dealer that's gets the short end of the stick when they meet a consumer in court.

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