Professional Detailing ~ Long Island

11-29-2007, 04:50 PM
Hey All

If you are located in Long Island, NY please feel free to ask about detailing. I do all fine automobiles from the very smallest to Suv's. The detail is approx 4 - 7 hours depending on how big and the curvature of the automobile. I may take more time then average so please be patient. I WILL promise you that your car will never look so good. Cars are my passion, I view them as not only automobiles but as fine pieces of art that deserve to look amazing.

The process

Exterior ~
Meguiars Gold wash
Meguiars Paint cleanser
Meguiars Gold wash
Pinnacle Full Clay Bar
3m Compound [Only Applied to all minor swirls and scratches]
Meguiars Gold Wash
Wax ~ Your Preference otherwise Menzerna [Applied with 1-3k Rpm Buffer]
Wheels Cleaned with P21S Wheel Cleaner

Note: All applications use meguiars light foam pads and microfiber mits.

Interior ~
Meguiars/Mercedes products depending on what material you have. If you have a preference for interior cleaners please let me know in advance and I will use it.
Full Vaccum

Engine ~
Full Clean and Rinse
P21 Products used.

Sorry I'm late guys I know I'm kind of out of season.

Contact ~
Joe Cipriano

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