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1999 Hks Rx7 Demo Car

11-26-2007, 02:59 AM
HKS Technical Factory (Tokyo) is offering their "HKS Driving Performer Rx7" Demo Car for export. It was built to showcase the latest HKS Bolt on Performance parts for street / occasional circuit use. The car was built by HKS main office in Shizuoka and then spent has spent most of its life at the HKS Nagoya branch, where the car is right now

Spec highlights:

1999 Mazda Rx7, 65293
NEW Mazda 13B Engine Installed
FULL HKS Body Graphics by Art Factory
HKS Silent High Power Exhaust System
HKS Metal Catalyser
HKS Super Fire Racing Plugs M45RE x 2
HKS Super Fire Racing Plugs M50RE x 2
HKS Fan Controller
HKS F Con V Pro
HKS LA Clutch
HKS Twin Power Type RE
HKS R Type Intercooler Kit V System
HKS T04S Turbo Kit (Mani, Downpipe, Wastegate)
HKS ER34 Fuel Pump
HKS Fuel Regulator
HKS Hyper Max III Coilovers
HKS Turbo Timer Type 1
HKS meters x 3
HKS Induction Kit
HKS Oil Cap
HKS Shift Knob
2 Way LSD
Advan Neova F225/40-18 R255/35-18
Super Advan Racing Alloys F8J-18 R9J-18
Endless Pads CC-X
AQP Racing Hose
Bride Low Max Recliner Seats (FRP model)
Full Aero
FRP Vented Bonnet
Around 500PS
Aftermarket Rear Lenses
Nardi Steering Wheel

+ Lots more!

The price for this awesome FD3S is 3.5million yen FOB.
Give us a call in Australia +614-108-82470, if you are extremely serious. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

11-26-2007, 08:58 PM
If you part it I'll take the type R V-mount and the DLI ignition :wink:

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