Need some information on a 350Z, please help! (Snow, maintanence, etc)

11-20-2007, 02:13 PM
Ok, thinking about joining the 350Z club, but I first need to know some information on the car. If anyone can please help out, that would be fantastic.

Right now I'm driving a 2000 Wrangler Sport, 6 cylinder, 4.0l. It's been great to me so far but it is in need of a few repairs so I am gonna' trade it and get a new car. The first car I thought of getting was the G35 Coupe, but after really looking into it, 1) Car is a bit out of my price range. 2) Maintence for an Infiniti can be high.

So, went for a 350Z. I test drove it the other day and it seems to be a nice car. Obviously I couldn't really "push it to the limit... LIMIT!" because there was a sales person in the car, but it had a nice feel to it.

Anyways, here are my questions:

1) I live in Chicago, it snows here, not that much, but when it comes down, it really comes down. How does the Z handle the snow? (Or any bad weather in that case)

2) What are the maintanence fees on this car? What will be the first thing I need to get done/checked out and how much will it cost? What about tires? Are they expensive and do they wear out fast?

Those are really my main concerns, everything else I have looked over, insurance ($2000) a year, bit expensive I know, but I am 22, so it seems just about right. I'm paying $1000 for my Wrangler right now. As I said, I test drove it so I've been in it and experienced the ride.

Any other things you want to tell me would be much appreciated!


EDIT: BTW, looking at a 2008 350Z, maybe 2007. Any differances? Seems like dealers will want to get the 2007 out so may be bringing down the prices...

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