99+ Grand Am Front Hub / Bearing removal

11-15-2007, 12:18 PM
1985 R&R coming soon...

Lug Nuts torqued to - 100 Ft Lbs(140 N-m)

Tighten the wheel nuts firmly in crisscross sequence as shown below.

The 99+ bearing/hubs are very simular to remove as the previous years listed above.

99 hub bearing-to-steering knuckle bolts-
torq 70 fT-lbs (94nm) also.

Hub & bearing assembly retaining bolts -
1999 - 70 fT-lbs (94nm)
2000 GA - 62 ft-lbs

*Driveaxle hub nut-
1997 30 ft lbs plus an additional 45 degree rotation.
**1998+ black nut torqued 284 fT-lbs - gray nuts torqued to 173 ft-lbs

*these need replaced with a new nut when removed.
** caution the '99-'04 Grand Am(and aleros) have two different axle nut torque values,
depending on which axle nut you have.
There's two nut designs.....
-The first design axle nut is a PAC type nut painted black and this torque value is the 284 ft-lbs.
-The second design axle nut is solid gray, torqued to 173 ft-lbs.

Hope this helps and If you have any questions
PM myself or post a thread.

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