cold start problems

11-15-2007, 12:54 AM
every morning when i have a problem starting my car. i really have to pump the gas pedal to get it start it, and then hold it for a minute to keep the engine running. other than that, it starts like a champ throughout the day. except when i don't use my car to go to lunch during work and it's been sitting in the parking lot during my entire shift. then it'll take some time to get it started.

my coworker told me that there's something called a cold start relay or sensor, that helps the engine with cold starts. he said to check it if my car has one, and make sure it's working. does anyone know if the 2.0 98 avenger has one?? if so, where is it?? if not, has anyone experienced the same problems i'm having??

btw, this all happened after i replaced my head gasket. and if anyone has replaced theirs, they should know how many connectors there are to be unplugged. i'm just guessing i may have missed one. :rolleyes:

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