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STUFF FOR SALE 1980 firebird

11-14-2007, 06:15 PM
I have a couple things for sale

Seats they are black leather the rear and the passenger seat is in good condition the driver is in decent with some gashes it can be fixed I am asking 100 for the seats all of them.

Center console, is in good condition has a small hole right above the dash that was used for a toggle swicthg. Otherwise its in good condition asking 75

The door Trims are black in perfect condition black leather buetiful I am asking 100 for both

pretty much I am selling Most of the interior, Not because it is in bad shape but because I am redoing it in white aneversary edition leather. You can check catalogs my prices are way under and im just looking for quick cash at the moment.

With that in mind If u need a specific part please PM me and ill snap pictures and let you look at them

the seats
center console
and door trims

I have pictures of ask for them and ill send them

Those Are The Pictures Of The Stuff For Sale

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