1999 XJ8 dashboard Lights going crazy

11-14-2007, 02:17 PM
Woke up this morning to find a dead battery. Took the battery to Autozone they checked it and it was good. They gave it a full charge. Brought it back installed it and the car started right up. I turned the car off and all of the warnings started flashing. They would not stop. I disconnected the battery again so that it would not die overnight. What is wrong?

12-15-2007, 05:28 AM
I Cannot find anything. When the car is turned off and the key removed the dash starts lighting up with. transmission fault, ABS fault, engine safe mode etc. Occasionally the flashers will show up on the dash as flashing but not on the outside of the car.

Does anyone know where the relay is for this? Could this be sticking? I do not know what keeps the power going to this.

Need help

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