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slipping tranny

11-11-2007, 09:03 PM
I have a 2000 honda accord LX, and am wondering if anyone has some advice they can give me in regards to a slipping tranny? I noticed a couple of months ago that when I would say... pull into the driveway of my bank, that when I would step on the gas after slowing to go into driveway, that the tranny seemed to grab a little hard on occasion. Went to the drag races last weekend and noticed upon dropping off a friend (I live approx. 1hr. 15min. from track) that when i pulled out of driveway tranny seemed to slip slightly when put into drive from reverse. Ok, next day or so I went into town ( 20 miles into town) ran around doing some errands drove on frwy aprrox. 6 miles went through a drive through which was exceptionally slow, when I went to take off from drive through tranny slipped some, drove a mile or two, stopped at stop sign. made turn, tranny slipping real bad. As I drove home ( approx. 15 miles) had a couple of stop lights to stop at, car didn't seem to slip quite as bad. parked car for a few hours, had to run down to store on that same day, tranny didn't seem to be slipping at all.
question is, does this sound like it could maybe be needing a fluid change or am I possibly looking at a tranny rebuild? 118.000 miles on car was serviced through honda dealership at 92,000

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