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Dash board lights

11-11-2007, 01:48 PM
We have a 96 Eldorado, haven't had it long about a year it now has 110K 8K of which we put on. We haven't used it but a few times during the summer, it is basically a winter car. I tried it a couple of times, got a sticker and some wiper blades getting it ready. We have Lincoln Mark VIII for our summer car. We are retired and don't really want to go for newer cars so nursing these along, although the Lincoln really hasn't cost me very much to run unlike the Cadillac that does seem to have things break regularly not to mention the amount of oil it uses a known problem that didn't become know to me until after we bought it. But it does what we want and my wife the primary driver likes it.

Two lights on the dash are lighting on, Anti-Lock Brakes and Traction control. It will reset if turned off and on but will return.

These are two important features for us being a winter car. Is this one module? That might be replaced by my cheaper mechanic rather than take it to the dealer? I have had good luck buying things on ebay if I could find out which module it is. Do these lights really mean anything and the features still function? Any information would be helpful.

Thanks for your help,

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