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Rear Brakes: 2005 ZX4 Ford Focus

11-09-2007, 07:41 PM
I’m so disappointed with the rear brake system on this car. I usually change my brakes and having to fiddle with the four screws on the back to remove the drum is insane with how close they are and having to put it back on was even worse trying to line up the screw holes. So anyway I replaced the shoes with Raybestoes PG Plus and I thought I moved the self adjusting cam all the way in…well all the way to where the shoes fitted on the back plate, but it started to make noise while driving at low speeds. So after 50 miles I took it to a Big O tire to have them look at them and the shoes are grounded down to the wear line. They said they were over adjusted. To make matters worse when I took off the original equipment the drums where so scratched up and this is at 50k miles! It is really that easy to over adjust these brake shoes and have them tear up in 50 miles. They also measured the drum for me and it is pass the manufacture spec. Is this what I should expect from a Ford Focus?


12-10-2007, 07:39 PM
first off, you did not have to take the drum off like that. you take a punch and drive it in to the bearing cup and pull the cup out. you can then pound the puncture back or you can just by a new cup for 2 or 3 dollers. second, the ajuster is a one shot self ajuster. you should ether get a book on your car or look up information about your braking system on the net.
your dealer will have info about your cars rear brakes that you might find helpfull. there are tsb's on your cars brake pads, wheel cylinders , and drums

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