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PO101 MAF code

11-09-2007, 09:06 AM
2001 AWD Astro- 132,000 miles
A few weeks ago my SES light came on without any noticeable performance problems. I went to Autozone and I got a PO101 Mass Air Flow Sensor code. The guy recommended I try cleaning the air intake, which I did and the light turned off. Last week the same code appeared (again no noticeable problems). I changed the air filter and the light went off. This morning while driving at highway speed the van would occasionally "cut-out". I did not notice it driving at lower speeds around town. The SES light never did come back on. My question is: Should I replace the Mass Air Flow Sensor, or is this just telling me that there is a problem some where else and the Sensor is just picking up the problem? Recent repair history: New Fuel Pump approx. 1 year ago; new plugs, wires and fuel filter around 10,000 miles ago.

11-09-2007, 08:54 PM
The flow chart for troubleshooting DTC, (Diagnostic Trouble Code) P0101 covers two and a half pages of #2 font in the GM shop manual, (quite involved), and an intermittent problem such as yours, makes it even more difficult to diagnose. The cost of a MAF sensor might be better invested by having the DTC diagnosed by a reputable technician.

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