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tranny slips and car shuts off???

11-01-2007, 11:00 AM
I have a 99 Honda Accord with 115,000 miles that hasnt been driven in 6 months. The battery was dead so after putting in a new one the car was idling very rough with a check engine light(autozone said it was an 02 sensor).

The car was driving fine for a few miles then the transmission slipped out of gear. I was close to home so I tried to get the last 1/4 mile in first gear but then the car shut off completely and would not start for ~20 minutes. After starting again the car worked fine for a few minutes then had the same slipping tranny and shut off again.

I have been reading about bad clutch packs for the 6th gen Accords. Could this be the problem (I hope not) or could it be as simple as the computer getting bad readings from a bad O2 sensor and/or cat converter?

Any help is appreciated.

12-04-2007, 05:55 PM
You have multiple issues. I'll try to help you with the transmission ones, but it's possible they are interconnected. The transmission slipping out of car is either due to internal issues such as worn clutch packs as you mentioned, transmission fluid being so low the transmission can't operate, or the TCU or ECU malfunctioning pretty severely. accord transmission problems ( will give you insight.

All automatic accords with v6 engines have fairly weak transmissions, the 6th gen is probably a little worse than average as well. My suggestion is running the codes again and starting there after you check the transmission fluid level and quality. It's possible that the fluid has absorbed so much moisture from sitting [if you are in the north west for example] and or the filter is so clogged that the transmission is giving up which tells the ECU to turn off so the car does not lose control by the wheels locking up etc.

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