RAM not turning over...

10-30-2007, 08:33 PM
Hi Guys,

I have a '97 Dodge Ram 1500 and basically have been using it as a property vehicle(hauling wood/etc.), and was out with it last weekend. I parked it(engine not running) with the radio playing for about an hour as I stacked some logs, and when I came back to turn it over, i got no response. I thought I had just drained the battery, and tried to jump it soon after. Nothing though...So. I put the battery out of my new RAM into the old 97, thinkiing this would get it fired back up and I could it in my garage. I again had no respoinse from the engine...not even cranking the starter/motor..so this left me puzzled.. I dont know a whole lot about doing my own repairs, but from searching through some forums, I was guessing maybe alternator/starter something along those lines.

Thanks for any ideas on this..

Chris Stewart
11-04-2007, 08:36 AM
Clean the battery cables, make sure the shifter is in park.
You might have a starter/solenoid problem if you kept trying to start it on the low battery until it just wouldn't click anymore.

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