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1998+ rodeo/passport/amigo parts for sale

10-28-2007, 03:47 PM
I am not a dealer or reseller, I'm selling all the following so I can afford to fix my Isuzu (tranny seal blew tranny):

73-87 chevy c/k pickup/blazer/suburban front door widow visors
73-87 chevy c/k pickup rear cab 4x10 speaker plates. these were an option and are incredibly hard to find

Gateway computer
p3 550mhz, 256mb ram, 8mb vid card, 10gb hdd, zip 100, cd internet ready

Wisco 5 gallon foam filled fuel cell, two bottom outlets, one top inlet, scuffed and dirty, just a powerwash away from good lookin, no straps

And I am selling all the following off my rodeo as well:
for the parts that are specific, i have a 1998 rodeo, 3.2 dohc, auto, grey interior

A/c system, everything but the evaporator under the dash, i dont have the non a/c box to put in its place.
compressor, condensor, lines, cannister thing mounted on condensor, fan,belt......system still held some pressure before i started removing parts, everything but the compressor is out

the srs (airbags), everything but the module is out. steering wheel bag, passenger side bag, plate behind pass. side bag. will also sell the steering with the airbags if needed. I will have the module out by the time someone wants it.

seats. passenger seat, back seat, seatbelts, headrests. grey cloth. mostly clean.

carpet set. carpet isnt torn or burnt through anywhere, just needs a good vacuuming.

underbody tire mount. i dont mount my spare underneath anyway. will include the hardware

factory roof rack, both crossbars and the bars that go front to back as well.

aftermarket hitch, tube type. drops down to accomodate spare. will include hardware. is a type 3, 2" receiver

interior panels, everything but the doors, dash and center console. gotta keep some comforts

summit sells 5 gallon fuel cells for starting at 90 bucks, and thats the non foam filled versions
jcwhitney sells my hitch for 119
napa sells remanned compressors for 400 (my application, online napa price)
all the rest of the genuine isuzu parts on my truck cost $$$ from the dealer.

all i'm asking is make a decent offer, understand that a lot of you will have to have the parts shipped, and i'm not asking anywhere near dealer prices.

example, a reman compressor is 400, say you only have 60, make the offer, i'll prolly take it....I NEED THE CASh

elkhorn, wi, 53121

11-06-2007, 02:37 PM

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