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Name brand turbo?

10-27-2007, 10:56 PM
I'm looking to get a turbo for my prelude and they have some on ebay for around $1500, and I didn't really wanna spend 3 or 4k on a turbo kit because i also wanna rebuild my motor. Is a non name brand turbo ok or is there a big difference between a $1000 kit and a $3000 kit? If so, what? And is it a better idea to rebuild my motor before I put the turbo on or will i get decent power without rebuilding it right away?

10-28-2007, 09:37 AM
ohhh man...where to start

1. Name brand or nothing...Ebay is shit so avoid it at all costs. You can think that you'll be the lucky one who gets away and doesnt have problems, but it will break

2. You dont have to rebuild your engine to turbo your car. I have a 315whp stock block Integra GSR and ive been running it like this for 2 seasons.

3. If money is tight then maybe now isnt the time to consider turboing your isnt a cheap and problem-free endeavor.

**one of my close friends just built and sleeved his H22 and is having a completely new turbo setup built for him at SLS...he has a Drag setup just sitting fits the newer style Prelude (his is a 99)...if you want a good setup, this is your chance...and its cheap...PM me if you want to know more**

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