Which LeBaron should I buy?

10-27-2007, 09:33 PM
It looks long but it's a quick read:

1) '88 Chrysler LeBaron GTX Turbo Sedan w/ 96k miles. $1300

Good: Clean car, saw no rust. Has good pick up and go and has tons of extra options.

Bad: Idles ROUGH; stalled in reverse when going very slow, and when at a stop, car is VERY close to stalling. Shifting from 3rd to 4th gear once caused a hesitation. I mentioned I forgot to test the AC to the seller; when he tried to work it, no air would come out of the vents. He wasn't familiar with the car. He was only there so I could test drive it, he didn't actually own it, so he may have been pushing the wrong buttons. Only 1 speaker may work. When test driving it, and rushing cause I had to get to work, I tested the radio and only one speaker work. Consintrating on the road, I didn't really check the adjustments but I doubt anyone would have set it to work on only one speaker. Also, when I went to adjust the power mirrors I heard a loud "nails on a chalkboard" sound and smelt burned rubber

Worries: Potential tranny problem, idling problem, gas millage, old age, no climate control.

2) '93 Chrysler Le Baron Coupe (Base) w/110k miles. $700

Good: Tranny shifted very smoothly + flawlessly. (PRNDL) Backing up and going forward was very smooth. Car was comfortable and everything functioned well. Body was solid.

Bad: No plates = I couldn't test drive it. Could only back it up and move it forward in a small parking area at low speed. Tranny's of this year known to fail. Minor rust in underbody and paint peeling on trunk lid.

Worries: Tranny failure, rust, paint.

Which one?


'88 LeBaron: Has 4 new tires, and a gas leak was fixed (via new gas tank, lines, I don't know for sure, I forget) Inspected recently and passed. However, seller is a small dealer / garage who inspect their own cars. So I don't know if they just passed it themselves to sell it.

Credibility thing for them:

Test drove another car from the same place whose brakes failed about 15 seconds after leaving the lot. Didn't make it past the neighbors house. When I returned from test driving the LeBaron, the car was back up on display, about 15 minutes later.

'93 LeBaron: Tires are around half tread left I believe, has brand new shocks, springs, and struts. Seller has had car for about a year and a half and no tranny work needed / done. Previous owner experience is unknown. Inspection passed a year ago (Sept. 06) Is a private seller.

Prices listed above are asking prices and I will try to reduce both as much as possible. Though I doubt they will be reduced by much, if at all.

I need a cheap (in price, not reliability) car and quick as getting to work and school in time by relying on other people is becoming increasingly difficult.

Personally, My "gut" feeling tells me to go with the '93 LeBaron, but it has a lot less options in compared to the '88 LeBaron.

Please help. I need to have a final decision by Monday or so and I'm like runaround. Thanks in advance for your replies!

10-28-2007, 12:10 AM
The '88 sounds like a piece of crap! and for that price?! forget it. They probably think it'll sell because it's got a turbo. It's clearly not running right. It probably will be bad on gas mileage unless you get that fixed. I understand your need for options/luxuries, I'm the same way. In fact, I'm currently trying to add every single luxury available to my LeBaron. Still. Why are there only 2? There are dozens of Barons for sale everywhere. Anyway, I would say go for the '93 Baron. You need something cheap, reliable, and gas saving, it's that Baron. Besides, Chryslers have a very bad reputation, so that makes them cheap for people like us who know they're actually good cars! Oh, and remember this, if you have a trans problem, you do not need it replaced with a new or used one, you need it repaired/rebuilt. If a mechanic tells you you need it replaced, find another mechanic, and keep going until you find one that will actually repair it. Have fun in the Baron!

10-28-2007, 04:36 PM
Well I don't really need all the options, it's just I mainly wanted the cassette player cause I have an adapter I can plug my iPod into. But I can buy an aftermarket one I guess. Plus I love all the buttons and toys :iceslolan

10-28-2007, 09:32 PM
Plus I love all the buttons and toys :iceslolan

Who doesn't? Hehe. But why doesn't the '93 have a tape player? Just get a used Chrysler Infinity cassette radio from a junkyard for like $25. If you lived by me I would give you one, I've got like 3.

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