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Hardtop for Convertible - mkII

10-27-2007, 10:09 AM
I had one source in Germany. It was costly as expected, but they were making hardtops for our beloved 9-3 hatch heroes. But in last few years, since new replacement convertible appeared, momentarily I thought some new names would offer proper hardtops. But, alas, even trace of actual hardtop for present convertible turns out to be mission impossible. In EU nothing, in states, several dealers told me there must be a name or two, but never substantiated with some concrete names.

Truth is , I've never been more disappointed with present car design, particularly with EU models. Too aggressive, serving only and completely spoiled by trends. Now that I've seen shocking Dart Vader look of new 9-5, this would, without any doubt reflect the same look in new 9-3. After all, times of corporate looks, where every model looks the same. Illness known to almost every EU maker.

This is why convertible at least offers me some nostalgia toward hatch coupes. Not perfect, but at least has a proper and pleasing coupe shape I like in Saabs. I'm toying witidea to get myself convertible, but again, could anyone offer in EU or US, any name that makes hardtops for 9-3 convertible?

11-26-2007, 12:54 AM
Come on people, nobody? :disappoin

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