hallo İm new.....

10-26-2007, 01:31 PM
my name is Sixten and İ came from germany. I am new in this forum and my englisch ıs not the best.....:grinyes: ..... but nethertheless İ had registrate my at this forum. İ like to discuss about cars and maybe hear other statements about the own car (or the car of the father....:wink: ). İn germany there are not a lot of places at the internet to discuss......

Now İ am in the holiday but when İ came home next week İ will show you two of our cars. Here I have no pictures but next week İ can take a lot because then the car looks better as the photos from the tuner in the internet.

the first lamborghini we got last year. A Gallardo which was tuned by Hamann.
Here are same pictures from Hamann:

its the black one with the white stripes on the second page.

Since a half year we have the new lp 640 from hamann.


But İ will send you nicer pıcturs İ have taken at home.

10-26-2007, 01:35 PM
.....there are more pictures in the world wıde web .......
but as i told when İ back home İ will send you a lot of private photos.....

Are here more Lamborghini owners in this forum.......speaks maybe somebody german?.......How are you?.....:wink: ????

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