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Nismo Transmissions

10-24-2007, 12:10 AM
Hows it going room?
Im wondering about the transmissions that you can see on the skyline.
Traditionally when it comes to transmissions folks would usually choose the standard transmission as choice for track meetings, but somewhat the automatic transmission would start conversations saying that the car is great but your money is wasted cause of your shifting choice in your transportation.

In the United States oviously there is no skylines i see on the roads, but thats alright.

What I notice on the skylines is that the 5 speed manual (fs5wr7) is that the same transmission is the same as the 300zx 5 speed manual transmission (rs5r03a) but with different bellhousing.

The transmission i noticed on the skyline automatic transmission (Re5-r05a) i noticed the same transmission is used in the modernized infiniti q45 sedans i see at the place i live at.

What i have noticed is that the Re5-r05a automatic transmission is lighter weight than the 300zx manual 5 speed transmission, the transmission is over 100lbs or more lighter and seem to have better gear ratio status.

with the Re5-r05a i notice that these 5 speed manualmatic transmissions could be pricey to purchase, but putting one in the 300zx would need some complex electrical work, (possibly with a need for paddle shifting etc. etc. etc.)

What im wondering is if the automatic 5 speed transmissions on the skylines is outspoken compared to the 5 speed manual transmissions.

my mind is basically on the 300zx 2+2 (with a wrecked 300zx tt, since the 4 seater looks more stylish) or an infiniti j30 (with the q45 v8 engine, that seems to fit in the 300zx car, but only comes in automatic)

any advice would be appreciated

10-27-2007, 09:12 PM
According to the skyline owners what im trying to find out is which transmission is superior.

i notice that one can be excellent for everyday driving (5 speed steptronic automatic transmission) and somewhat has the technology of those formula one cars

but if the 5 speed manual transmission is a better choice im wondering about how much superior it could be in comparison.

thanks for the help

10-27-2007, 09:14 PM
In comparison with everyday roads and track might i add
thanks again:)

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