Toyota MR2 Spyder - opinions?

10-23-2007, 08:44 PM
I've been trying to get some opinions of this car. I know a guy who wants to sell his and since I have been in the market for a convertible DD for some time, I hooked up with him. I have yet to see the car. He says its a 2002 with just over 30k miles and in good condition, and that he is willing to let it go for under $15k. Like I said I haven't examined the car but he says it has only a few very minor scratches/dings and that it is overwise excellent, and that he does his own oil changes. I know what you are thinking ("yeah right") except this guy races cars and has his own trailers and so on so it is quite possible he is telling the truth. The MR2 is a modified factory show car meaning it has front and rear sway bars and other mods in as well.

If anyway knows about the MR2 or has recommendations (buy/don't buy/look for another car) I'd love to hear them. I was also looking at the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder (cheaper), Mazda Miata MX5 (which unfortunately has a bad rep that prevents me from buying what I otherwise think is the best value sportscar today), and Ford Mustang GT convertible (expensive, unless second hand and then reliability issues are a concern).

And before you mention it I know that I am going to get flak about the fact it doesn't have rear passenger seats. The way I figure it, with 2x2 seater cars, that makes four seats which is fine if you have 2 drivers right? I wonder if that argument is gonna fly...

P.S. If you think the price is not right, I'd appreciate a good target for negotiation, thanks.

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