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boosted H22 in a crx..

10-21-2007, 06:15 PM
anybody out there done one of these swaps?? my cousin has a JDM H22 in his 93 4 door accord and its fast as hell. i was thinking about putting one in a crx and boosting it. my cousin hasnt boosted his yet. he needs lower compression pistons. i think a boosted H22 in a crx would be a bullet. how much hp does a stock H22 put out?? whats the best version of the H22 to boost? i plan on bullet proofing the block anyway, just wanted to know whats the best base block to start with.

10-21-2007, 06:49 PM
Yes, the swap has been done before, check out for the mount kit that you'll need to do it. Here are the horsepower ratings for the different engines:
USDM H22A1 - 190hp
JDM H22A - 200hp
EDM Euro R H22A - 220hp
JDM Type S & SiR S-Spec - 220hp

Just go with the regular old H22A (jdm or usdm), no need to go with the Euro R, Type S, or the SiR S-Spec (commonly comfused with the Type S, but comes with an LSD instead of the ATTS). The reason being is that the other ones make a little more power from slightly higher compression, and slightly more aggressive cams. You'll have no use for the higher compression pistons if you're going to swap them out, and you could always just buy the cams and use them in the regular H22A if you wanted to.

10-21-2007, 07:11 PM
damn!! 200 hp on a JDM H22?? i might drop it in for now and boost it later. 200hp in a crx would be plenty fast. i'll probably just spray the hell out of it for now til it blows up and then just use that as an excuse to rebuilt for a turbo. how much NOS can a stock H22 handle?? that would the cheapest way to fast right now. i've been on ebay fishing around and these JDM H22 engines and LSD tranny's are going for 2 grand and up. i'll have to save up some extra cash for a turbo build.

10-23-2007, 07:45 PM
Don't waste your $ on nitrous, just drive it around stock until you have the $ to rebuild it. And don't let the $2,000 price tag of the "complete" swap" fool you, you're going to be spending quite a bit more than that. You'll need to get a mount kit, which is going to cost you around $750. You need to upgrade your suspension, to counter the understeer from the way the H22A tilts. Axles, exhaust manifold, wiring harness (if you're not comfortable with a massive amount of wiring that will need to be done), an OBD0 to OBD1 (or OBD2a, or OBD2b) conversion harness to plug in the H22A's ecu, random hoses & belts, etc etc. It's far more involved than your friend's Accord swap. If I were you, I'd plan to pay around $5,000, because it way better to over estimate than to underestimate.

10-23-2007, 09:51 PM
i know 2 grand wont cover a "complete" swap. i never said that. i found the "complete" engine and tranny package which comes with
JDM H22A Engine
5 Speed Hydraulic Transmission
JDM Wiring Harness
Exhaust Manifold
Throttle Body
Power Steering Pump
A/C Compressor
VTEC Solenoid
Power Steering Pump
A/C Compressor
VTEC Solenoid
and Clutch.

probably an extra 2-300 hundred bucks for hoses, belts, water pump, oil pump, etc. i got a buddy of my that works at a machine shop that can make me the engine mounts out of solid aluminum for $100 bucks. he makes them for his buddy's all the time. i'll be doing the install myself so no labor cost. that 5 grand just got cut in half. i might push 3 grand with odds and ends.

10-23-2007, 10:22 PM
dont forget suspension like spoon said.
i spent around 2500 just for a b16 swap and odds and ends for my crx..always expect to pay more cuz thats the way it is

10-23-2007, 11:28 PM
how ever much it takes, im getting it done. everyone and their mother has done the b series and zc swaps. i want the motor that no one wants to do because its too much of a hassle. i like the challenge. then when in pushing 800 hp i can pretty much spank anything on the road.:grinyes: i just bought a black widow II widebody kit from a friend of mine in town who has had since new sitting in his garage. im going to do a RSX 5 lug swap so i can have a nice set of wide 3 piece wheels. maybe some 18x10 on all 4 corners. im gonna dump some obsurd amounts of money in this car. i just sold some of my other project cars recently and the old lady has no idea about the extra cash i have now. its time to have so fun!!

08-22-2008, 04:13 AM
^^^ yo bro, I have a crx which I also enjoy accelerating in, but let's be realistic, on anything other than slicks you won't be able to keep a CRX in a straight line with more than 350 horses unless you spend money on a Quaife lsd and some moton active suspension...shoot for 300 horses 250 foot pounds and you won't want any more than that...I'd also reccomend against the H22 swap...the obd0 h22 that they're going to sell you is not interchangable with the new h22 that you'll be able to source parts for in the US...I imagine that you can use a number of obd 0 f22 parts, but it starts getting dicy trying to figure out what works with what...a B series is much cheaper, easier to keep on the road, and will retain near perfect handling...

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