Curse of the Auto7 ?

10-20-2007, 11:17 PM
I've been looking to buy an RX-7 for some time and i have one big, unanswered question.I've heard from people here, and from the owner of the car i work on- that Automatic RX-7s are bad.Is this really true, that autos are unreliable or just plain bad?And either way, how difficult and how costly would a manual transmission swap be. I know that for some cars, it costs very little and is as is easy a bolt-on. But I doubt something like an RX-7 is going to benefit from a mod like that...Can anyone help?

10-23-2007, 07:57 PM
I wouldn't say cursed, but less desirable. I have both. The Auto tranny sucks for power and is less fun to drive. Besides who wants to have a sports car with an automatic when you have a choice? The only other downside is it's a b!+(# to start it you have other problems, but these problems can occur with a manual as well. Flooding is a common problem with all rotaries cause they don't unflood themselves. But a manual can be started easily in most situations with a pull start. The transmissions themselves are as reliable as any thou.
Swaping to manual shouldn't be too hard or expensive. Other than collecting all the needed bits, the main concern is the mounting points are in different locations, so you will need to rig up an adapter or have somebody weld proper mounting points in for the manual tranny.

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