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codes p1506,p1152

10-16-2007, 07:41 AM
I have a winsdtar 99, 3.8 engine,a couple of weeks beafore it was show in code 173-174 ,I THING their fix, but now the check engino ligth in on , I check it in aoto zone now it shows p1506 and p1152, some body can tell me how to fix this, I am getting tired of this :banghead:

10-16-2007, 08:29 PM
P1152 is lack of heated oxygen sensor switch, indicating lean, upstream sensor bank #1.
This is the oxygen sensor that is before the catalytic converter for the rear bank of cylinders (Bank #1 is the bank with cylinder #1).
This sensor, on my '96 is up on the pipe, close to the rear exhaust manifold.
The code is indicating that the oxygen sensor basically stuck rich.
In normal operation, each oxygen sensor "switches" from lean to rich to lean to rich......and so on.
It could be a defective oxygen sensor, or even wiring for the oxygen sensor.
One good test is to switch the upstream oxygen sensors between banks 1 and 2.....and see if the problem moves with the sensor.
Also give the wiring a good looking at......and the contacts inside the connectors.
If the problem does NOT move
AldataDIY indicates that the fuel system is trying to lean out the air fuel mixture to compensate for a rich condition.
They list a number of items, INCLUDING vaccum leaks (after the MAF), restricted air intake, PCV system, incorrectly seated oil dip stick, fuel purge system (vapor canistor system).
For fuel system, they list leaking fuel injectors, contaminated fuel injectors (Add Berryman's B-12 Chemtool to the gas tank), excessive fuel pressure, leaking fuel pressure regulator, low fuel pressure (fuel filter, fuel pump).

I have not read of people having problems with the fuel pressure regulator, which is mounted on the passenger side of the fuel rail.
It has a vaccum line that connects to the top of it (worth checking).
The fuel pump sends the fuel up from the tank, as there is more vaccum (lower engine load) the pressure regulator responds to the higher vaccum through the vaccum line by giving lower fuel pressure in the fuel rail.
As the vaccum through the vaccum line decreases (higher engine load), the fuel pressure in the fuel rail will increase.
So, as I mention, check that vaccum line to the fuel it is noted to get loose due to oil contamination...on the 1999 and newer windstar (part of the TSB for P0171 and P0174 for newer windstars)...leak, causing a vaccum leak....and higher fuel pressure than is needed for the engine loading condition.

P1506 is Idle Air Control (IAC) valve overspeed error.
AldataDIY indicates that the IAC could have a short to ground or be stuck open......first thing to try is cleaning it......remove 2 screws holding it, and spray some Seafoam "Deep Creep" or even WD-40 up inside it....holding the IAC in such a way as to let the flud run out......flushing the dirt out.

Also mentioned.....VACCUM leaks......which would look to the PCM like a open it cannot bring the idle speed down by sending a close signal to the IAC...... In the case of a vaccum leak, the IAC could be completely closed.....but the vaccum leak would be letting air in via another path.
The fuel system compensates by adding more fuel to maintain the correct fuel mixture.
THIS vaccum leak would be between the throttle body, and the cylinders.....which would include anything that connects to the upper intake manifold....all those vaccum lines...............and where they connecto to.

AND possibly (this is known to happen on newer, 1999+ windstars) leaking at point that the IMRC shaft passes through the lower intake manifold.
The solution to that would be replacing the lower intake manifold assembly.

Could a stuck IAC cause the first code?.....I guess it cleaning it seems the cheapest and easiest would be a place to start.
Of course the IAC could be defective also....but I would try cleaning it first.

10-17-2007, 07:33 AM
thanks for the help ,I am going to check it and tell you what happen.:wink:

10-20-2007, 07:48 AM
wiswind i have been looking at auto stores for Berryman's B-12 Chemtool to put in gas tank cant seen to find it wich product is it ,

thanks frank

10-20-2007, 08:49 AM
It is in a metal can, AutoZone carrys it....and I would expect that Advance Auto Parts and Checker carry it also.
It will be with the rest of the fuel system cleaner products.
It is one of the less expensive ones, but is about the strongest you can get.

10-20-2007, 04:54 PM
wiswind thanks i just found it 15 ounce can the only one they had

10-21-2007, 08:20 AM
cadillo (
Wiswin is right the fuel system could be the problem. I had a case where 2 of my injectors were causing the lean condition and it called for more fuel. I had already replaced the 2 upstream o2 sensors and put the old ones in the downstream. Be careful if you try to remove them because if they have not been removed before they can be hard to remove. When putting them back use some anti seize compound. If you still are troubled after the attemts mentioned find somewhere that will diagnose on the computer as I did when I had a hesitation problem. It should cost about $110. at the dealer. Just dont have them do the work if you fell you can do it yourself. I had an independant place do it and it worked out well. I replaced the injectors and finally the fuel pump. It runs fine now. 193,000 miles.

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