reliability? specs?

10-15-2007, 12:24 AM
well, i dont have a 944. but im considering one. ive heard alot of mixed emotions about these cars. ive heard that they are reliable, but other people say they are horrible. stuff like that. im wondering what the truth is.

how long do these cars last? how much is maintnence? how are they on gas?

just another thing, anybody know what the stock 0 - 60 and 1/4 time are for both NA's and turbos? i currently have a 3000gt SL that does about 6.8 and 15.1 respectively, would the 944's times compete / surpass mine stock?

thanks for your time

10-15-2007, 07:52 PM
I have a 88 turbo and love it. They can be reliable however it takes a lot of REGULAR maintenance. These are not the kind of cars you want to have the "fix it when it breaks" philosophy. Unless you have deep pockets. If you take care of them though they will last a long time (200,000+)

I dont know what the NA 944's run, but the 944 Turbo's (AKA 951) run high 13s-low 14s depending on if its a 944T or a 944TS. A Turbo would be night and day compared to your NA 3GT in power but more importantly handling. The NA's handle just as well but you wont get the power of the turbo. Unless your getting the 3.0liter NA one called the S2 944. Thats a whole different story. Those have almost as much power as the Turbos but no lag.

10-15-2007, 07:59 PM
i have u on this one...i own both a 87 944 and a 92 stealth(granted its a tt, but i've driven a 96 3kgt sl) my porsche is not as quick as the 3kgt. but it keeps up thru the turns. no the tt beats both in every aspect. the 944 advantage is weight distribution. a 944 turbo will outpace ur problem. if u want an s2 n/a or turbo, both will out-accelerate ur 3kgt.

as for 944 is in the shop now(new slave cyl, new windshield, new parking break, new rear tires) mine was abused b4 i bought it. i dont mind spending the money on, cause i know the engine wont shit out on me. but from what i've heard most 944 owners dont have issues with the car. but preventative care is best

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