Super Duper JDM Shop

10-14-2007, 02:57 PM
Between the east and west coast, the car scenes are two total different levels of tuning. What it looks like to me is the west coast take's the import scene seriously and everyone pays big bucks for big parts. As for the east, we are slowly progressing but i still see posers left and right. So im wondering, would people on the east coast be willing to pay top dollar for top parts? I hope this gives no offense to anybody, from the big ballers to the bang for the buck tuners. We are all tuners and cars are cars. The reason for this thread is a friend of mine from the west is contemplating on opening a shop on the east coast. He already owns a shop in the west, called High End Performance. They carry high brand japanese parts that are usually hard for the average tuner to get a hold of. They carry the parts in shop 24/7, and they have the cars to show it. Heres some of their machines.... I want to get some feedback as tuners, from both sides. Whether you buy parts for the name, and r& d and craftsmanship or if your just a bang for your buck as long as it gets the job done type of tuner.
Is this something the East Coast market would support, especially if they gave back to the community by throwing events and supporting the industry; i.e. helping setup and organize drift events, be involved with redline and gtlive with thier time attack events, hold shows etc....

Here is the shop facility on the west coast:
So my question is, would you guys like a shop like this? Capable of building cars like that on the east coast?

I would gladly appreciate opinions on this, were still in the works of going in with this...Thnx


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