Fullcar sets foot in Chinese market

10-13-2007, 10:13 PM
We were recently informed that the famous Investment Holdings Group----the USA FULLCAR INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT HOLDINGS LIMITED and USA DETROIT CHELLIN ELECTRONIC INSTITUTE, through many yearís market research and feasibility analysis, have set foot in Chinese market hand in hand in recent days with huge capital, , by means of their successful marketing modes and management concepts in the occidental market for ten years.A result is analyzed by its highest rank of international department of the group that 5,758,200 cars were sold in China in 2005, in addition to 163,000 imported cars, the total sales is over 5,920,000 , exceeding the number of Japan whose total sales is 5,800,000 ,with China becoming the second car market next to the USA. China will surpass the USA and become the first consumption country of cars in the world in 2020.Morgan stanley who is from USA INVESTMENT BANK predicted that the Chinese demand for cars would increase by 18%---26% in 2008 , the prices of the cars would increse by 6%, the outputs would fall by 25%. It will unavoidably simulate a new wave of car consumption.The growing demand for the consumption of cars led to the growth of the vehicle production, meanwhile it promoted the development of after car market in speed、scale and specialization .Itís the result of development of societal economy and deepening specialty Generally speaking, the industry circling after car market is at its primary stage in its history. The possession of cars will increase at a speed of 25%. After car market will keep increasing by several times .For example , in China ,the sales of vehicle-carried refrigerators reached 20,000 in 2002. It was over 100,000 in 2003. After two years, the number rose to 500,000. Chinese after car market features two aspects----the industry is booming enormously and the market is prospering quickly, but the products are not satisfactory, the good and the bad intermingled, the state of competition is relatively slack.Meanwhile he revealed that the foothold of its entering China would be the only one technological trial city with the growth of GDP in the third place and that of manufacturing industry rating the first across the country. This nameless city has been evaluated as the most potential investment one to foreign businessmen in 2006----Hefei.

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