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To all ZX2 owners: please help!!! parts missing after maintenance!

10-09-2007, 04:02 PM
Hi there,

I brought my car to the dealership last week for maintenance and a check for possible leaks as my service engine light had turned on (see previous post).

Over the weekend though I found something else very disturbing while cleaning my car: the bottom panels (near the pedals all the way up to the steering wheel on the drivers side and the same for the passenger side) were gone!!! All wiring is now visible. The dealership is now claiming that the car has always been that way and that they don't see any hooks where something could have been attached! I'm pretty sure I'm not paranoid (well, it's up to you to decide)! You can see some pictures how my car looks like without the panels/covers at the link below. The dealership is not familiar with the ZX2 as I shipped my car from the US to Europe, but they say that they did not forget to put the panels back. However I'm afraid that they do not always know how to assemble things (in the past a few smaller parts were missing).

If you are a ZX2 owner, please help me!!! I'm interested in pics that show the bottom panels/covers as I would like to show them how my car should look like.

Also, what could be the reason why they had to remove the panels? (They say that they had no reason to work in that area). Apart from the regular maintenance jobs, the following has been done to my car in the past:
- installing rear fog light + button to turn it on/off (the latter attached just above the dimmer switch - bottom left of instrument panel)
- my steering wheel was once disassembled as it was not turning smoothly (airbag problem)
- engine coolant leak check
- replaced airfilter last week
- reading fault codes, reprogramming

Thanks so much for your help! I really love my baby and I hate it when damage is done to it.

10-11-2007, 07:45 PM
Looks normal to me. Unless the dealer removed them when I bought my car with 12 miles on it.


02-01-2008, 02:41 PM
2100% normal....and thats a LOT of normal.

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