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Just bought a used Insight

10-07-2007, 04:58 PM
I just bought a beautiful used Insight. Drives great to me. I have never had a 2-seater car before (my other car is a 87 Accord LX), and I hope I can figure out the info on the dash. My brother says there are some tricks you can do with the gas pedal, etc. to get better mileage (he has a Civic hybrid). I am reading the manual as well.

What would you say the average mpg is if someone drove it conservatively and did not use the AC?

I have always wanted a hybrid, but the new Civic and Priuses are way too expensive for me.

Do you think those who are selling their Insights to get a new care probably took care of their Insight? Also, how long do you think the batter pack is supposed to last? I read in Wikipedia that Honda will pay for the batter pack on Insights with 150k miles or less.

Thanks everyone for all your help!


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