Isuzu diesel air induction

10-04-2007, 04:47 PM
1980 pup diesel pickup
I changed the original cold air induction. Originally it left the air cleaner snorkle and tucked the intake area behind the headlight down in a little pocket area below the headlight inside the engine compartment.

Since I drive 20 minutes a day on a dirt road,I decided to relocate the intake into the grill facing in the direction of travel. It comes off the snorkle then bends toward the front ,passing next to the AC inspection cannister or freezer and into grille area. Its cold air entrance is next to the rt side of the left headlight. Lets see...where was I. Oh yeah,
By the way,questions come up all the time about if one would notice any difference in power. If there is any effect either way,it is so small I dont notice. So in effect its not worth the effort to convert for power gains.
It does accomplish my goal of extending the length of life of the air filter.

Now for my question
The original snorkle extention is too short to reach the grille. i went to Napa
and got a "universal tube" and with a little modification it works fine. The problem is the tube is made of a very weak paper like material which does have an adequate wire supporting structure the entire length. The problem is the weak paper. Just the weight of the tubing and vibrations of a diesel, over time causes it to tear open defeating the purpose of the tube. By weight ,I mean that the air tube must travel from the snorkle to the grille. It has just enough exposed length that cant be supported so it tears. Ive duct taped it,but instead of tearing in a week it lasts about 4 months.
Its total suspended leangth is about 14 inches and the stress areas are in 3 locations. At the snorkle/aircleaner junction one at the point it goes into the grille area and two points not in contact with anything and just suspended in the air.
I need something more durable than the "paper" ducting.
Any ideas? I 've tried several,but I didnt bother listing them. I think this is long enough.


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