1980 4x4 Pup Dsl

10-04-2007, 12:46 PM
Are there any Pup owner members on this forum?
I have questions from time to time on this truck.
Basic history
Ive owned it since new. 140K miles. Very low maintenance,no engine problems ,ever,just the regular,hoses,htr core,etc

4x4,4spd,long bed,4630 lb w/winch,shell camper,fuel&me.

Good off road ,tow behind RV vehicle,though there are better choices for off road. Good commute vehicle. Never had a noticable scratch until I got rearended.last year.

Biggest Downside : Loud inside cab,gutless on all levels by most peoples standards,except the 4x4 low is ok(well,its not a jeep)
Minimal cab space.

In other forums alot of people ask what kind of mileage I get,so I'll post it in detail right from the start.

Power issue..well,its slow on any grade, (8%grade 35 mph 3rd gear) I only try to max at about 75% full power .I could push it to 40 or 45,but the extra engine noise and exponential strain, on vehicle isnt worth the time gain,which when calculated only saves seconds on most grades.
The only mileage I calculated and recall at the moment are the 90 miles round trip I drive sometimes.
For those of you that know the area:Yucca valley to Indio and back
is 45 miles one way most downhill from 3500 ft at start to 5 feet elevation at end ,then the reverse. I get 28-30 mpg,If I coast on small down hills I get 34 mpg. If kept to 2000rpm and near flat on freeway. It drops to 24 if I try to keep up with some traffic at 65 tops and above 2000 rpm. It'l do 75 I think,but way too much noise etc.

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