Problems With Buying From Venus Auto in Sacramento CA.

instant noodle
10-03-2007, 02:02 PM
Did anyone else have problems with buying from Venus Auto Parts in Sacramento California. I bought a front clip from them about 4 months ago and before buying the owner of Venus Auto, Ronald, said that it was in good condition and that the compression was great on all cylinders. :shakehead When my clip came it was all banged up, rusted and looked like crap. I quickly checked the motor and found that it was rusted inside and the compression numbers were way off from what he told me. Then I called Ronald back and said that the motor was rusted and he told me that they all have some rust because they all old and I can't expect the condition to be good since the price is cheap. But what can I do with a rusted motor. I ended up not getting any type of reimbursement back and got stuck with a crapped out clip and bad running motor. So I will never buy anything from them ever again. For the same price that I paid for my clip, I could have gotten it at other places in better condition and probably a much better attitude then from Venus Auto.

Sorry, I just needed to vent.

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