Dodge Sprinter - water in rear end

10-03-2007, 01:23 PM
About a year ago I bought a brand new van, Dodge Sprinter and right from the start it didn't go too well. Last week I took my van for a diagnostic to a dealer where I always perform the service. According to the dealer there is a water in rear end and all of the bearings are wiped out especially the center one. To replace the rear end would cost about $5,500 and to rebilt it would cost about $3,500. When I asked the dealear what caused the water to get in he said "no clue", however he did say that the car either had to be under the water or in an accident, there was neither.

My questing is, did any of you was in the similar situation or know what to do or how to fix it at a cheaper cost? Also, does anyone has a drawing of the rear end or where to get it?

Thank you!

10-23-2007, 06:40 PM
I thought a dodge sprint was a front wheel drive car but I been retired for a few years. If it is in fact a rear wheel drive car you can take a flashlight and look. You will have a drive shaft coming from the transmission to the rear end.
This will be in the center and be about 4 inchs diameter hard to miss.
If you purchased a car from texas which sat in flood water above the center of the rear wheels it can run past the seals. How much noise are you hearing from the rear end. Make them pull the rear cover while you are their and show you the water. How much do they want to replace all bearings and install new oil. Have them show you a shop time in their flat rate manual and show you all bad bearings.
I really would go to another independent shop for another estimate.
If this was a new van I would go after the dealer for selling a flood vehicle they should fix it free. Push really hard on this.

02-07-2008, 08:41 PM
I work at a sprinter dealer in illinois. Water in the rear end is not common. Usually caused by putting the differential under water.

Taking to an independent repair shop won't really help you out. Sprinters are exclusive to dodge dealers who have bought the franchise. Not all dodge dealers are sprinter dealers. Because of the exclusivity of Sprinter, parts are not readily available from aftermarket vendors.

Also, there might be tools needed to do the job, that an independent shop might not have. I don't know for sure, i work in parts, im not a tech

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