choosing between rx-8 / rsx type s

10-02-2007, 10:43 PM
well, looking to purchase either a 06 type S, or a 05 rx-8. Both cars have similar price tag, so price is not a factor im considering.

i really cannot decide, and was wondering if there was anyone who might've driven both and could comment which one might be better.

it will be my daily driver, and most probably driven in the winter as well. This might mean the rsx is better with FWD, but i've asked around on the rx8 forums and owners claim there are no problems with the rx8 in the winter.

i understand that the renesis rotary engine is probably not as reliable as the i-vtec aswell, along with better gas mileage for the i-vtec. but from what i've read, the rx-8 has superior handling compared with the rsx.

i will be going for test drives for both cars this week, but i doubt i will get to 'know' the car given i only have a very short amount of time at test drives...

10-04-2007, 03:56 AM
FWD is indeed better then RWD in the winter, but traction control lessens the difference.

Your reasoning about the two cars is pretty much correct. The RX8 will handle better and will be a bit quicker, but definitely won't be as reliable. The RSX-S is going to be more reliable, but might not be as much fun. You really need to figure out what your priorities are and go from there.

10-12-2007, 11:03 AM
the rx8 has a very good traction control system. The RX8 will probebly be more fun to drive and deffinatly feels better to drive. I didn't like RSX driving position, and felt that the engine lacked any real feel of power.

Neither car is that quick but both will give you the ocasional thrill on an off ramp. I would go with the RX8 but keep in mind that the RSX probebly has better fuel economy

Keep in mind though that I have never lived anywhere where I had to drive in the snow and have a deep routed hatred for FWD cars due to there poor driving dynamics.

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