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1997 bravada problems

09-28-2007, 09:11 AM
No one can tell us whats wrong with our Bravada. After driving it for 5 minutes it starts to loose power and takes longer to switch in to a higher gear. Also when driven on the freeway it starts to rock back and forth like its running out of fuel. The mechanics have already changed the fuel injectors at a whopping 900$ and the fuel filter and several other things. they say that our transmission is fine and so is the catylac convertidor, another thing it seems to be gobbling up alot of fuel. After leaving our car with the mechanics, all they could tell us was to add an additive and the problem should clear up, but I think they are just giving up. help please.

09-28-2007, 09:31 AM
Sounds like it may be time to find a better mechanic. There are any number of problems that could cause these symptoms. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, the place to start is to see if it has any error codes (Autozone and others will do this for you for free) and to test the fuel pressure (1) prior to starting the engine (with the key in the run position), (2) after it is started, (3) while it it running poorly, and (4) for a few minutes after the engine is turned off. If you don't have a fuel pressure gauge, Autozone may have a loaner. Post back the results and I'm certain that someone will be able to help you further.

09-28-2007, 11:13 AM
As said yoiu need to find a good repair shop.
If a mechanic can not find the problem you need a good mechanic.
Quit fooling with them jip joints.
If you are going to DIY it as said codes and fuel pressure is the place to start.
Let us know which way you want to go.

Looking for a good repair shop.
Check around Ask around
Word of mouth.
Family friends coworkers neighbors business people and delivery people.
Mailmen and parcel delivery people get around and notice a lot of stuff.
Even a good parts house knows what shops are good and not good.
Chamber of commerce and better business bureau and city hall.
If you find a good referral to a repair shop go look them over and talk to them.
Look for a clean looking busy place with nice people running it.
Ask a few questions and ask about their qualifications and training.
Not all places have trained tech/mechanics.
If they do not find a place that does.
Even all dealers do not have all trained techs/mechanics.

If going to a dealer.
Tip on going to the dealer
Ask that only a factory certified gasoline engine performance specialist work on your car.
Not all dealerships are concerned with how repairs are dispatched, and not all dealership techs bother to take advantage of the training offered by factory (the vast majority of which is paid training). If the dealer is uncooperative, ask for your money back and call around for a dealer that will accommodate you.

If you are going to DIY it
Check for codes and post back codes.
Check that fuel pressure and engine vacuum.
If a 4.3 W engine.
Check cold start fuel pressure.
Check engine running fuel pressure.
Check engine running on the road fuel pressure.
Then shut it off and watch for fast leak down.
Pinch off at rubber part or block off return line and check full pressure.
Later V6 and V8 gm engines should have 60-66 fuel pressure.
Cold start should be 64-65 lbs of pressure.
If you do not have full fuel pressure on a cold start the injectors will not squirt fuel.
Do not leave home without it.
Engine running should be 60-66 lbs pressure depending on engine load.
Full pressure with return pinched off should be 75-85 or more.
And if it has a fast leak down after shut off you have a leak.
Post-back fuel pressure readings.
And engine vacuum at idle and at 2K RPM

09-28-2007, 11:25 AM
As said, for sure check for codes, get a good scanner on it and see what it is doing. Does the truck run fine for the first few minutes, then after that the problem starts acting up? If this is the case, take a good look at the oxygen sensors. Is it missing, when you say it rocks, is it missing, or bucking when driving? If this is the case, again you need a competent mechanic to diagnose it, but a good scanenr should be able to pick up whats going on and kind of guide you from there. Good Luck!

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