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2000 blazer info...

09-25-2007, 10:39 PM
I've recently bought this vehicle (2000 Blazer 4x4 LT) and it didn't come with remote key fobs...I plan to buy some off ebay but i need to know where i find the serial # to match them up to make sure i buy remotes that will work?
Now for my main problem right now...Everything has worked fine as in with when i open the doors the int. lights come on...and when i turn the vehicle off the radio stayed playing until i opened a door....I was working on it the other nite and the battery ran dead...i got i charged up and running again...but now the int. lights stay on...and the radio shuts off when i turn the vehicle off....So i looked in my owners manual to trouble shoot and so i push in the dome overide button in and the int. lights go out but of course they don't come on when i open the i push the overide button to the out position and the int. lights come on and stay on....My understanding from the owners manual is that it wouldn't reset until i unlocked the doors with the key fob remote (but like i stated, i don't have them yet) So my question is...Is there any way to reprogram it or reset it to where the dome light overide works again? Or am i just gonna have to wait and get the remotes for it? Thanks for any info. anyone can give me...Greatly appreciated....Thanks again....

09-26-2007, 03:35 PM
Check inside the glove box door for RPO (Regular Production Option) code KP2, that is RAP (Retained Accessory Power). After you turn the key off, certain accessories, (radio, dome lamps, etc) remain powered until either the door is opened or approximately 10 minutes elapse. It will also shut off the dome lamps if you forget and leave them on or leave a door open. Your owners’ manual should explain the system. As for the key FOB, check inside the glove box door for RPO code AUO to see if the vehicle is equipped with remote locks. As for the battery going dead, have it checked along with the charging system.

09-26-2007, 05:03 PM
Yes i know how the system works...I'm just saying that after the battery went dead it doesn't work right now...It needs reset or reprogrammed...As for the battery goin dead...I had been working on the vehicle and the door had been open for an extended period of time so after a quick charge with the charger to get the vehicle to start...The battery is all good now...Thanks for your input...

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