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92 ram van 250 wont catch to start

09-22-2007, 05:39 PM
I have a 92 Dodge Ram Van 250 that has had a small tick coming from inside the hood for about the past week or so We went and took it to get the oil checked and they said everything was ok. Anyways I was turning out of the driveway at my work and all of a sudden it just turned completely off. Now it wont catch to start. It tries and tries but it just wont catch. There was no smoke or fuel leaking from anywhere when it shut off and we went and checked on it yesterday and still didnt see anything leaking. Was wondering if it could be the timing since thats the only thing i can think of with the ticking. It wasnt a loud tick, just a regular consistant ticking.
Any help would be appriciated. Also may help to let ya know that the van sat for 2 years in our driveway until we put a new starter into it. After we put the new starter in (around 3-4 months ago) it has run fine until now.

Once again TY in advance for any help

09-23-2007, 12:49 AM
A ticking sound comes from a sticking lifter, a gummed up fuel injector, or an exhaust manifold leak.

Did you check for any computer trouble codes? If not, that's the first thing you'll want to do. It can save a lot of guesswork if any codes come up.

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