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98 Amigo drivers door window motor, remove?

09-20-2007, 05:57 AM
I've searched for the last hour, and it's odd not to find this come up in 9 years.

Anyway, just removing the door panel was also a lost cause searching.
Appears no one has ever removed a panel from a 98.
I saw one posting that doesn't come close to how this one comes off.

*** I took photo's of the entire event, if someone needs that manual. ***

Getting back to the window motor: The window is already down and basically locked there.
Power on, you get a slight click moving switch down, and nothing moving switch upward.

Alright, I removed the 3 10mm bolts holding motor to inner skin.
Unplugged it. Prior, I rapped on the motor hoping it would reset the brushes on the armature. But rethinking it, it must be the up micro switch that is not making contact. Where ever that is. Possibly inside the gear section.

Now what?
The motor is the type with drive cable and pulleys on each end of window
guide track in center of glass.

I took a 4th dimension look at what might happen if I removed the center guide from the inner door skin, and I don't see any escape for the motor.
One would have to remove the drive cable I would think from the motor.
If the cable cannot be separated from glass or motor, well then we will have to get out the cutting torch.

Now I have no idea where Isuzu came up with the black snot holding the vapor barrier in place, but I had to out smart it with a 500 watt work light
to soften it up enough to pull the barrier off 1/2 the door.

It must be what Noah used on the Ark to survive the biggest storm ever at sea.

When I did the search intensely earlier, I did see the ad's as to where to get a new motor if that is the end result. About $70 for a $25 motor.
Oh Well.

But if I do get that motor out in one piece, I'm going inside to see just why I have my door apart a day before a 4000 mile trip across country.

*** To get my panel off:
1. You have to grab speaker cover, and pull it off.
Under cover is 3 screws

2. The Door Main Pull:
You will see that it is a 2 part handle, and the outer cover snaps off.
Under this you will have 2 screws to remove.

3. Inside door release lever:
You will see one screw that holds it on.
Next, release inner plastic link from door handle lever.

4. With small carpenters trim flat crow bar, similar to the larger ones.
Get under edge of panel from bottom edge, and slid bar along till it bumps into clip.
Carefully pry panel, and it should release.
Continue all the way around the 3 side of the panel.

5. Now that you can move panel away from inner skin, reach in to remove
connector for the small lite at lower edge.
Be nice, and you will be able to pull, and or push the clipped connector down & out from the top side with a screw driver on main body of connector.

You should now be able to lift the panel off the door part way enough to unplug the window control harness from the under side of switch panel.

You will notice in the middle of connector a center push in tab. Hold in on it
and pull plug out from the window controller.

Remove the window controller from the main door panel, so one can test the motor repeatedly while the process continues.

Next, the little bugger of a connector for the lower speaker. It's about a foot too short to rest the panel on the ground w/o possible damage or other problems. There is one harness hold down clip that refuses to release, and then the special release lever clip on the speaker connection.
You will have to have therapy anyway, so go get a beer if you got this far.

Thanks for some of the magic tricks needed to deal with this window motor.

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