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98 S-10 wierd idle problem and rough take off

09-19-2007, 10:39 AM
I just bought a 1998 S-10 5-speed with the 2.2L when I got the truck it had been sitting for quite awhile and the guy coudlnt find the key to it. So I trailered it home and had a key made but when I went to turn the motor over it wouldnt start, after looking at it the previous owner had the negative and positive battery cables on backwards. I switched them back and it started up but it runs ROUGH!!!! I did a full tune-up including all filters and now it runs better but still runs rough.

At idle it sounds alright other than a slight skip, then in nuetral if you accelerate it hesitates bad and wont rev above 3200, then in gear it hesitates bad until about 2500 rpm and then it runs fine, but at the begining of each gear it runs really rough. The gauge cluster is also messed up and none of the gauges work, I tried unplugging it and it still runs the same so I know thats not part of the problem.
Do you think that the battery connections being swapped meesed up the ECU?
The only codes it keeps throwing are lean bank 1, o2 sensor heater bad, and bad EGR...

09-19-2007, 02:32 PM
Lean bank 1 and/or O2 sensor could both cause this problem. I'm no expert but I would say that having the cables backward could damage the ECM as well as the gage cluster since when the cables were reversed all the sensor's polarities were reversed as well. Could cause quite a hose up but we'll let someone more experienced weigh in.

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