22" Dvinci Lox rims off my 05 grand cherokee

09-19-2007, 03:57 AM
Hey guys. I was seeing if anyone was interested in these.I know alot of people on here drive luxgury cars suvs and trucks too and i need to sell these to get money for my evo. I no longer have the vehicle these came off of. They are 22" Dvinci lox rims with perelli tires. they only have 5k on them. I paid over $3,000 for these brand new and i will let them go for half that. looking to get 1500 plus shipping. pm me with any resonable offers though. look them up and you will see that this is a steal. These look brand new. no curb rash or scratches. Please let anyone that might be interested in these know about this deal i really need these out of my way. can email pics of actual rims if necessary. These are very high quality rims. thanks alot guys- travis parkerhttp://www.thewheelconnection.com/php/showpicture.php?brand=Dvinci&name=Lox

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