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I think in all things i do there is a lesson to be learned.

09-16-2007, 07:13 PM
:banghead: :screwy: During one of my not so smart ventures i decided to do a little off roading. It turns out Xt6s arent meant to tackle boulders in the middle of the road... hahaha. So after replaceing the oil pan, tranny pan and rear left axel im at a stand still.

Ive been looking into rebuilding the entire car from the ground up and there are some parts i cant seem to locate or know what to use as replacements. I was looking into converting the pneumatic suspension to that of a high performance shock setup. i went to multiple subaru dealerships with inquiries as to what parts i would need to make the proper conversion. The only thing I found out was that to have them do it would cost me somewhere in the 2500.00 range. i just need to know what cars i would need to go off of for proper shocks.

next i was wandering if anybody knows if there is a suitable body kit to fit the car. (even if it requires some fabrication) Someone suggested to me to find a body kit off of a honda prelude since they are very simmilar in body design. but if i can find a body kit built for the xt6 ill buy it at any cost.

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