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98 Blazer 4x4 help

09-07-2007, 11:06 PM
i have a 98 blazer. a few days ago i put it in 4Lo and it was fine. i went to put it back in 2HI and it made a clunking sound and the light went on 4Hi. i have tried putting it into 2Hi with no luck. what is happening is even though the light says its in is in 4HI and if i click on 4HI it is in 4Lo and when i click on 4Lo it flashes and goes on 4HI. so my blazer is stuck in 4HI and i can only get it in to i have no 2hi.i tried unplugging the battery for 30 minutes with no luck. i had gone through my manual and learned that i have 2 icons on my instrument panel that don't work one is gate ajar and the other is service 4wd...both on oppiste side of the panel...all fuses are good...any ideas?
And,if that isn't bad enough today it staled while going down the road,let it sat for a few minutes and tried again was fine for awhile and did it again on a different trip. i know my fuel pump is going because it whines..really loud and embarrassing, but $300 it too deep for my pocket at the moment, but i was wondering if maybe it was my fuel injectors seeing how the blazer will start back up.
sigh :screwy: ..i have had the blazer for 13 months and this is the first real problem other than changing my draftshaft that was bad when i bought it.
was there any recalls for the front or rear wiper motors? my front only works when it wants has to do with the circuit board on the motor.

i have been beating my head and doing online research but with no luck i find everything but what my blazer is doing lol
any help will be greatfully appreciated

09-08-2007, 08:36 AM
Sounds like you have 2 problems. The fuel pump. Test it with a guage. and shift motor in the transfer case. You may need to replace the shift motor.

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