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New '96 toyota avalon

08-28-2007, 03:23 PM
Hey guys
i just aquired a 1996 avalon with 93000 miles on it
the thing is im a very old school type of guy
ive built and restored two 1969 dodge chargers and have worked on a 2004 Ford Crown vic. my prob is i dont know what im doing unless its american and is carbed out(i removed the engine of the crown vic and replaced it with a 1970 pontiac gtos) none of these cars are daily drvers. my prob is ive never worked w/ a foreign car and im kinda intimidated by how cramped things are under the hood. if anyone has any advice on how to trick this avalon out let me know. also is there a way to get that american muscle sound out of this engine? jst let me know if you guys have any ideas or tips.

email me at

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